Tuesday, August 12, 2008

End of Summer Fun

Marti and I had a blast taking the girls and boys to 4-H camp on Beaver Mtn. After Marti and I put up all the tents I think we finally got to bed around midnight. The kids played with there counselors and had a great time. They get to do hunts, canoeing, games, and the best part of all is the dance. All the girls and boys dance with each other and it is so much fun. Marti and I got an award for the best 2 dancers on the dance floor!! It's all that Zumba! We pack them up and then stop at the Cheese Factory in Beaver for ice cream and squeaky cheese for the ride home.
Once we got home from 4-H camp we hurried and took the Young Women to the lake for some crazy tube rides. They love me as camp director but I think it is just because I take them for a post camp activity on the lake. Whatever it is I love the young women!!
Stacy flew into Las Vegas that same night and Joe was such a darling and went and picked her up and they got home at 2 am. I was so excited to have her in town. Although it was for the funeral of our Grandpa Sanderson who was 87. He was such a good man and we will miss his hugs and the love he showed all of us. So, me and Stacy played for the next 2 days and then we packed up and drove the family to SLC. We stayed at Gregg's house and the kids always love being there. I think it is because Aunt Noelle always has her candy jars full of yummy treats in the movie room! We spent the majority of Aug. 2nd at the funeral. It was great though because we got to see all of our cousins and family. That night we celebrated K's b-day. She turned nine years old. She wasn't to happy about spending her birthday at a funeral but she had a good spirit about it and I think she was good after we had everyone over for ice cream sundae's and presents. When we got back home to St. George and had another family birthday at Aunt Brenda's. She couldn't wait for that. She loves swimming at Brenda's. We had yummy tacos, margarita's and cake. You couldn't ask for a better birthday than that.
Stacy flew home Tuesday morning, boo hoo, we will miss her and her funny personality. The Saturday before school started we went to the lake with the family and spent most of the day there. I finally jumped the wake without crashing so that made my day. We all went home tired and sore from all the wake boarding, tubing, wake surfing and diving.
The girls got to enter all of their projects that they worked on in 4-H at the County Fair and they both came away decorated girls. S got 6 blue and 1 red ribbon and 5 of her projects are state qualified through the 4-H program. She earned $28 dollars for all her hard work. K got 3 blue and 2 red ribbons for her projects. She gets to send her pillow to the state fair as well. She earned $21 dollars for all her long hours of work. I was really proud of them and what they accomplished this summer!
We spent the next 2 days cleaning the house and getting the kids closets ready for their new school clothes and today we said goodbye to them as they headed off to another year of school!!