Friday, October 31, 2008


Here is our Halloween pictures. We have a variety of costumes this year for your enjoyment. Thanks to Kim and I, S has a princess peach costume. That was not an easy make so I told K and G that they get to be princess peach as well when the costume fits. The kids are going to have a great time trick or treating this year. They haven't even been yet and they already have tons of candy, go figure. Joe and I take all their candy and let them pick some favorites and then we only keep 1/4 of it and then take the rest to the bishop's office to replenish the treat box for the kids for after church. Our kids aren't to fond of it but its better then cavity's and self induced diabetes. Well we hope everyone is having a great Halloween and we can't wait to see everyone again for Thanksgiving in Sunny St. George. Love you all!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, Busy, way to Busy!

Ok, no pictures this time but it has been awhile so I will update you on our busy family life. We have been so busy the last 3 weeks, its insane! We have done a lot of family stuff which is good but we have also done a lot of work and church stuff. In my field of work, apparently a lot of people needed to take off so I have taught 9 extra classes on top of mine so that's been fun. It makes my weekend exciting when I am totally worn out from 12 hours of exercise in 5 days. I know Marti I am mentally sick. I know your thinking it!! I sometimes (very little) think it too. Joe has been very busy in work and church. So we get to see him not so much anymore. I guess that comes with the calling. My kids have been busy with Nutcracker, piano recitals, extra Halloween parties, church parties, primary program, 4-wheeling and their home chores. Well not so much the chores because no matter how many times I show them how to clean they just don't get it. Anyway, we have been busy, so I need to apologize to my good friends that I don't get to see as much because of our crazy lives. Thanks to everyone for your support and love and I will update with scary Halloween pics at the end of the week!! Love you all

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Fun

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday Mike!

This is our Huge Dog Mike. He is an English Mastiff and he is a pain in the butt but we still like him. He has ruined our yard, which we are in the process of taking it back from him, and has chewed up many shoes from various different households around my neighborhood. He weighs 160 lbs and has about 30 to 50 more to go. So he his a lot of fun!! He finally got his present. He loves his bones but it will be gone in two days.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tooth Fairy Visiting

E had his first tooth fairy visiting but not by his choice. The tooth that was damaged 4 years ago when he so gracefully tripped and fell right into the corner of the park bench, finally had to come out on Wednesday. I think the root was longer then the tooth. He didn't feel much since he was drugged with nitrous gas which by the way needs to get piped into my house some how so I can use it on a regular basis. They are so nice and calm when they are drugged up. I think I need it mostly for S who is definitely entering her pre-teen years, heaven help me for the next 7 years of hormonal emotions. Anyway, I think this is probably what E would have liked his tooth fairy to look like but his name was Elmer and he is from Chicago. He was still excited but if you know E then a pretty girl fairy would have been top on his list. So, 2 bucks later and plus the money spent to get the tooth ripped out it was an expensive little tooth that is finally no longer in his mouth.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day Dreaming

Ok, as I sat in my house for the past two days listening intently to some great speakers, I decided that I miss the beach and need to go. I probably won't go since I have been this year but once you have gone you wish you could go there about every other week. Once a year is not good enough. I don't do well being cooped up in my house so next time conference comes around we will be doing what we normally do, camping!! K's nutcracker practise and the rain kept us home bound but not next time. Since Joe is bishop now, then I guess I will look forward to having him home on 2 Sunday's a year. I really enjoyed the talks and I always come away not feeling like I am doing what I should be doing but hey I guess that is what it is for. So for the next six months I will try harder to be better. We had our family pictures taken and as soon as I decide which ones to post I will do so. Happy Days until next time!