Friday, October 10, 2008

Tooth Fairy Visiting

E had his first tooth fairy visiting but not by his choice. The tooth that was damaged 4 years ago when he so gracefully tripped and fell right into the corner of the park bench, finally had to come out on Wednesday. I think the root was longer then the tooth. He didn't feel much since he was drugged with nitrous gas which by the way needs to get piped into my house some how so I can use it on a regular basis. They are so nice and calm when they are drugged up. I think I need it mostly for S who is definitely entering her pre-teen years, heaven help me for the next 7 years of hormonal emotions. Anyway, I think this is probably what E would have liked his tooth fairy to look like but his name was Elmer and he is from Chicago. He was still excited but if you know E then a pretty girl fairy would have been top on his list. So, 2 bucks later and plus the money spent to get the tooth ripped out it was an expensive little tooth that is finally no longer in his mouth.


johnsonfamily said...

I could use some of that nitrous at my house for my 3 boys. How old are all of your children?

Bagiera said...

so exciting! My E finally has a loose tooth too! And hey, why the no commenting ever on my blog ?? huh?? what's up?? don't you stalk my blog with all your free time????

Bagiera said...

oh, and what is karmans blog??