Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, Busy, way to Busy!

Ok, no pictures this time but it has been awhile so I will update you on our busy family life. We have been so busy the last 3 weeks, its insane! We have done a lot of family stuff which is good but we have also done a lot of work and church stuff. In my field of work, apparently a lot of people needed to take off so I have taught 9 extra classes on top of mine so that's been fun. It makes my weekend exciting when I am totally worn out from 12 hours of exercise in 5 days. I know Marti I am mentally sick. I know your thinking it!! I sometimes (very little) think it too. Joe has been very busy in work and church. So we get to see him not so much anymore. I guess that comes with the calling. My kids have been busy with Nutcracker, piano recitals, extra Halloween parties, church parties, primary program, 4-wheeling and their home chores. Well not so much the chores because no matter how many times I show them how to clean they just don't get it. Anyway, we have been busy, so I need to apologize to my good friends that I don't get to see as much because of our crazy lives. Thanks to everyone for your support and love and I will update with scary Halloween pics at the end of the week!! Love you all


johnsonfamily said...

I'm glad you updated! The tri was so fun and it is addicting, I wish I could come back down and do another in Nov. I only did the beginner but I think I could do a sprint with a little more training.

Last night I met up for dinner with a bunch of high school friends, it was so fun. I think we're going to do it againg in November. I know you live far and you're super busy but it would be fun to see you.

Hadley's said...

For the freaking love! I have found you. I talked with Amy Johnson last night and she mentioned you had a blog. So I had to check it out. Your family is so cute. You look so good! How are you? I think about you all the time. We totally need to catch up. I do not blog at all...but you can send me emails. Keep in touch, hope to hear from you soon. Amy Jacobson Hadley

Marti said...

It's true, I do think you are mentally sick. I must admit that I say that partly out of jealousy, there is no way (physically or mentally)I could do what you do.

Fallin' in love with the south said...


I noticed you have a new family picture up in your profile and when I click on it, the image won't go any bigger. I instantly need a copy of the I mean NOW. Of the microscopic copy that I can see, it turned out soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I hate mississippi for one good photographers. Ok, that's a lie. Actually it's my family that sucks at pictures. Picture day around here is like instant whine, cry, scream, drool, poop, and do anything I can do to make mom go insane day. Maybe Nadia will just have to wait until she's five to get her pictures taken!!! Love you. STACY