Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memphis Baby!

I got to go spend 5 days with my sister in Mississippi - Tenessee. We has such a good time. We spent 2 days touring around Memphis and learning all about Elvis Presley. I had no idea how much that guy made and still makes. We spent one day at Graceland, Sun Studio, Mississippi River and Beale Street. Memphis is definately the Heart of the Blues. Beale Street was so fun to walk around and hear all the live music going on in the background. We ate good ole southren ribs and a rib joint in the middle of an alley downtown. They were fabulous and yes I did eat a whole rack of ribs! Sun Studio was really cool to see and tour. The studio is were Elvis came in and made his first no.1 record in 1956. One year later he had already made his first million dollars. Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Johnny Cash and a lot of other famous singers from that era started out in Sun Studios. The 2nd day of touring was the Civil Rights Museum. They turned the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated into the museum. It was a pretty solemn place to be. It makes you wonder how humans can be so cruel to other humans and the sad part about it was it didn't happen to long ago. We also saw a little more of downtown Memphis and finished the day off with some shopping. You can't go on vacation and not shop especially when you are with your sister and no kids. I was fed each night by Sergio's mother who is Brazilian and she makes great food. I also topped it off each night with some ice cream, popcorn and late night movies. I did get some exercise in so I think it may have canceled out the ice cream but who cares, I was on vacation!! Love you Stacy for showing me Memphis and making me laugh to tears!

Memphis the Heart of the Blues

Monday, September 15, 2008

A New Chapter

Well, since last time, Brian did not get to come into town so I have no pics of our adventures but maybe next time. Not a lot has gone on differently in our lives. The days are the same and the kids are still doing all the dun things they get to do. The one thing that has changed is Joe's church calling. He was released as 2nd counselor of the bishopric and recalled as the bishop. Isn't that exciting news or is it. I can't believe it. So I think I will be pretty busy over the next however many years. I am proud of Joe and the man that he is and I am excited to take this journey with him!!

I am flying to Memphis to spend the next five days with Stacy so I will have many pics to show when I get home!! I love all of you and thanks for the support.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After Labor Day!

Well, a lot has taken place over the last few weeks. The kids are back in school and I think we finally got all of there schedules down. S has decided to stop taking dance for now and try gymnastics. She had her first class last week and she loved it. She is also doing very well at her violin lessons. K tried out for the Nutcracker and made it. She is going to be a Party Girl. So, she is actively doing her dance classes and taking piano. She has her recital in October and she already has her piece memorized. E started taking piano lessons and he is a little frustrated but hey he just started. He also started taking Hip Hop classes. I have never seen a bigger smile on a kids face then E's when he gets picked up from Hip Hop. He absolutely loves it!! Last but not least by any means, G started preschool today. Her exact words to Joe and I when we picked her up was, "Mom, Dad I love school. It was awesome!" Now if we can only get her to say that for the next 12 years. She gets to be in a preschool where they teach ballet, tap, violin, music and karate. They also get them ready for 1st grade. Yes, they pass right over kindergarten ready and go straight for 1st grade. So we will see how bored she is next year once she gets to kindergarten.

Last weekend over labor day was not so laborish. Joe and I were asked by the Christensen's to hike the Subway. It was so much fun! It is a 9.5 mile hike in the back country. You have to repel down ledges and swim through really cold water but the scenery was worth every cold shiver. The pics below will only give you a peek at how beautiful it was. Dad, your going on it next year so get yourself ready!! We spent labor day at the lake. Although not on the boat because it was way to windy, we spent it on the beach and rocks. We had a great time with the Wilson's swimming and exploring the rock caverns.

We are excited to spend a weekend with uncle Brian, so I will update next week with pics from our fun and exciting adventures with uncle bri.

Have a good week until next time!

Langton Clan