Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memphis Baby!

I got to go spend 5 days with my sister in Mississippi - Tenessee. We has such a good time. We spent 2 days touring around Memphis and learning all about Elvis Presley. I had no idea how much that guy made and still makes. We spent one day at Graceland, Sun Studio, Mississippi River and Beale Street. Memphis is definately the Heart of the Blues. Beale Street was so fun to walk around and hear all the live music going on in the background. We ate good ole southren ribs and a rib joint in the middle of an alley downtown. They were fabulous and yes I did eat a whole rack of ribs! Sun Studio was really cool to see and tour. The studio is were Elvis came in and made his first no.1 record in 1956. One year later he had already made his first million dollars. Jerry Lee Lewis, BB King, Johnny Cash and a lot of other famous singers from that era started out in Sun Studios. The 2nd day of touring was the Civil Rights Museum. They turned the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated into the museum. It was a pretty solemn place to be. It makes you wonder how humans can be so cruel to other humans and the sad part about it was it didn't happen to long ago. We also saw a little more of downtown Memphis and finished the day off with some shopping. You can't go on vacation and not shop especially when you are with your sister and no kids. I was fed each night by Sergio's mother who is Brazilian and she makes great food. I also topped it off each night with some ice cream, popcorn and late night movies. I did get some exercise in so I think it may have canceled out the ice cream but who cares, I was on vacation!! Love you Stacy for showing me Memphis and making me laugh to tears!


johnsonfamily said...

Hey Kerry!

Jaci told me she found your blog, so I hope you don't mind that I took a peek. Your family is so beautiful. I can't believe you have a 5th grader. It's fun to see old friends doing so well and happy. I wish I was in St. George so I could come do Zumba with you. I've been thinking about all the fun we had dancing in High School and wish I saw my friends more often.
Take care!

Amy Taylor Johnson

jaci said...

Oh hello Ker! I left you a comment on one of your post, and I never heard from you, so I thought I wouldn't keep blog stocking you if you thought I was crazy! it is so good to see your darling family! i can't believe how big they are! And you are just gorgeous! i told Amy that you had one, we keep each other informed on the blog thing! I don't know how I found your blog, i might have goggled your name and found it that way! Scary huh! I know but I good way to keep in touch with friends! i love that you Zumba! I could never do that! I just wasn't gifted in that area! I think my blog should pop up with this comment if not let me know and I will give it to you! So great to hear from you, and your trip looked like so much fun... with no children! Heaven! Love ya, Jaci

jaci said...

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