Wednesday, September 3, 2008

After Labor Day!

Well, a lot has taken place over the last few weeks. The kids are back in school and I think we finally got all of there schedules down. S has decided to stop taking dance for now and try gymnastics. She had her first class last week and she loved it. She is also doing very well at her violin lessons. K tried out for the Nutcracker and made it. She is going to be a Party Girl. So, she is actively doing her dance classes and taking piano. She has her recital in October and she already has her piece memorized. E started taking piano lessons and he is a little frustrated but hey he just started. He also started taking Hip Hop classes. I have never seen a bigger smile on a kids face then E's when he gets picked up from Hip Hop. He absolutely loves it!! Last but not least by any means, G started preschool today. Her exact words to Joe and I when we picked her up was, "Mom, Dad I love school. It was awesome!" Now if we can only get her to say that for the next 12 years. She gets to be in a preschool where they teach ballet, tap, violin, music and karate. They also get them ready for 1st grade. Yes, they pass right over kindergarten ready and go straight for 1st grade. So we will see how bored she is next year once she gets to kindergarten.

Last weekend over labor day was not so laborish. Joe and I were asked by the Christensen's to hike the Subway. It was so much fun! It is a 9.5 mile hike in the back country. You have to repel down ledges and swim through really cold water but the scenery was worth every cold shiver. The pics below will only give you a peek at how beautiful it was. Dad, your going on it next year so get yourself ready!! We spent labor day at the lake. Although not on the boat because it was way to windy, we spent it on the beach and rocks. We had a great time with the Wilson's swimming and exploring the rock caverns.

We are excited to spend a weekend with uncle Brian, so I will update next week with pics from our fun and exciting adventures with uncle bri.

Have a good week until next time!

Langton Clan


Kristen said...

That was a blast! I told Marti we should all get together again. It has been fun getting to know you! You are so much fun! See you at Zumba! :)

jaci said...

Kerry! It's Jaci from way back when! I found your blog somehow...who knows through who! I so enjoyed reading about your darling family! Everyone is getting so big! Doesn't time just fly! And you girl look so cute! Your hair is darling! My blog should pull up for you when I send you this comment. It will be great to keep in contact and see your family grow! You are a doll! I'm so glad I found your blog! Isn't blogging fun?!
Love, Jaci

jaci said...

I just watched some video of your Zumba class!! That looks like so much fun! And girl you can move it! You where always so talented at dancing! I wish I lived in St. George so I could come to your class, but I could never move like that! You are so great!