Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's been awhile!

Ok, so I didn't post for a month. I'm a loser! Below is some of the things that we did this last month. We also went shooting 3 times and I am learning how to shoot Joe's really big gun which is so fun. Joe and I got our concealed carry permits so watch out! S had her gymnastics review which she did great. She loves it and that's all that matters. She can now do a back hand spring, back and front walk overs. She is learning how to do a back tuck now. Her long beautiful legs are hard for her to tuck but she'll get it. We went to M0m and Dave's to celebrate their birthdays and see their new puppies. They are little hair balls. Margie and I ran a 5k and had lots of fun in the cold weather but after you're almost finished you finally warm up. We went skiing with Brian and Margie and had a great time. I haven't been for so long and forgot how much I love it. Brian and Margie weren't on their top game because I think the whole weekend they were with each other they had about 8 hours of sleep in four days. So needless to say conversation on the way up and way down was minimal. We loved it though and loved getting to know Margie better which we are totally fond of in every way. Other then those things, Life at the Langston's is pretty normal. Joe does his work and church job and I do my mom job and teach classes. We love you all and hope that February brings much love into your life!!!


Willey's said...

Your not a loser... Life is crazy... We are moms... Love to see pics of the kids though... & would love to see you guys other than at church. Peek over the fence would ya???

jaci said...

I love the pictures! Your mom looks just the same! I remember her being so nice! Remember when you took me skiing for my first time! Oh my gosh! I hated it! I felt like I tumbled down the hill the whole time, then I thought I got the hang of it and I couldn't stop at the bottom of the mountain! I haven't been back since! I wore jeans to ski in!! Oh my heck it was horrible! But i would like to take A lesson and figure it out because i think it would be fun! Oh well it looks like you had a good time! You look so cute!.

Savannah said...

kerry update your site i want to see whats going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 And also it's not fair we (the children who don't have a facebook) have no clue whats happening ! savannah and emily