Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29th

Our zumba class is almost ready! We finally got or marketing stuff taken care of!! We will have flyers and cards at the What Women Want Expo this weekend at the Dixie Center at the Southwest Dance Center booth. I have also set up a group email for all those zumba lovers out there. I am also setting up a zumba blog for all to enjoy. It will have highlights from each of our classes and keep you upto date on all our zumba stuff happening. Thanks to all that have supported so far and Zumba Rocks!!


Bagiera said...

Yay, another post! ARe you going to use this blog as the zumba blog, or do a new one??

Kerry said...

I have already set up a new blog for zumba. It is zumbagirls.blogspot.com. I still need some help to make it look better but at least my own looks better with my new template.

Dana said...

I am Malea's friend and I love your class and I am so excited for your new ones to come. I am telling everyone I know. You rock!