Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4th 2008

This weekend was fun and not so fun. Friday I got to take the activity day girls to get their picture taken for mother's day and snow cones. I also went to dinner a Samari 21 with Jennifer and TK which was really fun. Then all the girls went to a late movie. Karman, Malea, Marti, Jennifer, TK and Jana went with me and we saw Mae of Honor. It was a great chick flick and it had Mr. Dreamy in it so, it was a great show. Saturday was fun as well. I spent the morning at the What women want Conference advertising for our Zumba class. A lot of people were interested in it so hopefully we have a good turn out on Wednesday. After that I bummed around the conference with my girls, Karman and Emily. They got their hair done, glitter, eye candy and lunch. We had a great time. When we got home we got to see Joe since he was gone fishing for 2 days in Lake Powell (he caught 5 fish). We took thekids to Denny's for dinner. Why you ask, kids eat free on Saturday! When we got home I started not feeling well and ever since then I have been in bed. The only reason why I am up doing this is so I don't get bed sores for heavens sake. I need to be done feeling sick because I have a big week ahead of me so I'll post again soon!!