Monday, December 15, 2008

December Activities

Ok, here is last weeks activities. We did a couple more things then whats below but they were not documented by camera. We started out our week with our annual neighborhood party. I love our neighborhood tradition. We decided four years ago to not give each other gifts or treats and instead have a party and donate to two families. We have a potluck soup dinner with hot chocolate and treats. We always have a crackling fire to keep warm and then we end the night caroling on a hayride through the other neighborhoods. We always have such a good time and we love being together and by knowing that two families will not go without during Christmas makes it even better. After that, Joe of course spent Tuesday night doing tithing settlement and I attended the relief society Christmas dinner. It was great and I love sitting at the table with my dearest friends. On Wednesday I was lucky enough to spend the whole day (and I really mean the whole day / 13 hours straight) setting up the children's room for the Nativity Festival that our Stake puts on each year. It is a major thing but it is and was so worth it. It was amazing to see it all come together. The spirit was so strong and it really does open the Christmas season to Christ. On Thursday Joe and I went to my work party at the gym and rocked out to a live band. We had a good time but not a lot of people stayed due to the fact that 5 am comes early for some of us that work at the gym. On Friday night K and I had a night out. Joe was on his way to Salt Lake to SS's baptism that was on Saturday and K and I had to stay behind because of Saturday. K and I went out to dinner and ice cream and went to the Nativity Festival. On Saturday we cleaned up the house and then went and saw Bolt. That is a good show. That evening K performed in her first performance of The Nutcracker. She was awesome. She is a party girl through the whole first scene. She looked so cute up there on the stage. A lot of hard work and a lot of practicing went into it and she was great!! We stayed in on Sunday and decorated our gingerbread house and then on Monday we headed to the Temple to see the lights. When we got there, there was no lights. Yea, do you really want to know why they turned them off, because of the snow or should I say sleet. It has been snowing all day but none of it has stuck on the ground so people are going all crazy because of it. They don't know what to do when they see white stuff falling from the sky. So we went into the visitor center and saw the Christis, two movies and called it good. We finished off the night eating ice cream and drinking hot chocolate. Oh, I also got to eat lunch with my four bestest friends today and I loved that. I love the holidays. I love giving gifts. I love seeing the lights (when it is not snowing). I love seeing my friends and family. I love seeing my kids recitals. I love everything about Christmas especially my Savior. I love feeling his love for me and my family. He is the Reason for this special Season. I love you all!!


Marti said...

Man you are one busy girl, glad I got to be a part of three of those events or I wouldn't ever see you.