Friday, December 5, 2008

Mike Langston / Tribute

September 27th 2006 - December 5th 2008

Our loved dog Mike had to go back to heaven today. After several months of not doing so well we let him go today. We are pretty sure that he had cancer and would not get better. Our whole family is sadden by this. Mike was the sweetest dog around. He loved everyone and would not hurt a flee. We always said he was not a true mastiff due to the fact that he loves to run and play all the time. He loved being inside with the family, although I have many slobber spots to clean up, he loved to sleep on Eli's bed. He always wanted to be loved by Joe every night. He would come up to my side of the bed and then turn right around and go over to Joe's side for a good rub down. He always kept my washing machine running. I had lots of slobber rags and sheets to clean. We will all miss him and he will be with us always in our heart. We love you Mike!!


jaci said...

So sorry about your dog! Thinking of you.

Marti said...

So sad, you loved him and gave him a good life. I think my kids are some of the few that will miss him being inside your house. At least I know Payton will.

Noelle said...

I am soooo sorry! I know how much you guys loved Mike and I know he was a great dog (minus the slobber spots). I hope you guys are OK. xoxoxoxoxox