Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Week before Christmas

Well, this week was full of stuff everyday. We start on Tues. at K's choir performance. Like always the choir did a great job. Mr. Seegmiller is awesome. All of the early morning Tuesdays and Wednesdays paid off. I just don't know if we can do it for the rest of the year. We'll think about it over the break. On Wednesday was K's last Nutcracker performance (she's way to busy). A lot of people came out that night to support her and she was darling. She saw us from the stage and so we got a lot of cheesy smiles from her throughout the performance. I wasn't supposed to take a picture of her in her dress but I couldn't resist so here you go Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Katie. Joe gave her a Christmas bouquet of flowers with a sparkly Nutcracker for her room. That day it decided to snow in St. George. When the Nutcracker was over it was still snowing and they had cancelled school the next day. Yep, it only takes 1 inch of snow around here to cancel school. Pathetic! I took a picture of our house covered in snow at about 7:15 am when I got home from teaching my class the next morning. It looks pretty covered in white. That whole day the kids were gone playing in the snow making snowmen, forts and sledding down the neighbors hill. They loved it and I loved doing all the laundry when they got back. It was worth it though. Thursday night Joe and I had the single sister dinner hosted by the Bishop and Family. It was great. The food Jordon made was so yummy and my kids entertainment was as good as it gets. The home we had it at was beautiful, thanks to Aunt Brenda, and now it's over until next year! Friday we took Netta out for her Christmas dinner from Exsell Realty. That is always fun. Red Lobster and good company, what else could go wrong. On Saturday we took the kids to Pirate Island Pizza and then headed to Tuacahn for Eli's Dance program. He was the cutest thing ever. He loves to dance and it shows. He had a smile on his face and totally took control of the stage. He will be a natural! Afterwards, we always see Santa at Tuacahn and then saw all the pretty lights. That ended this weeks of fun and so begins the next. We get to eat dinner with our dearest friends the Wilson's and then eat dinner at Grandma Mac's and make sugar cookies tomorrow. Lots of fun to be had this next week so I will post of course after the big day and show off all of Santa's surprises!! Love you all and Merry Christmas!


Noelle said...

What a great (and crazy/busy) week! Tell Kelsey how much we love her and that we think she looked gorgeous in her Nutcracker outfit. And please tell Eli that I am DYING to see him in another hip hop show!!! Merry! Merry!